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The Specification for the Reinstatement of Highways (SROH)

This third edition of the code of practice applies in England only, replacing the second (2002) edition

Published: 01 October 2010

Proposed New Charges for Unreasonably Prolonged Occupation of the Highway (S74)
This consultation regards amending the Street Works (Charges for Unreasonably Prolonged Occupation of the Highway) (England) Regulations 2009 to increase the charges for works that overrun on traffic-sensitive streets. These regulations are made under section 74 of The New Roads and Street Works Act.

Published: 01 March 2010 
Closing: 25 May 2010


The New Safety Code
This is the proposed New safety code to replace "the redbook"

Published: 10th March 2010  
Closing: 2nd June 2010


Proposed New Street Works Qualifications Regulations
Come into force on 10th April 2010. These regulations introduce the requirement that supervisors and operatives must be reassessed every five years to confirm that they are still competent before they can re-register and continue to carry out street works.

Published: September 2009


Proposed Code of Practice for Inspections 3rd Edition
This is at the consultation stage and is not the current legislation to follow, please see below for the current documentation.

Published: March 2010


Proposed Code of Practice for Inspection Fees 3rd Edition
This is at the cosultation stage and is not the current legislation, please see below for the current documentation.

Published: March 2010


Co-ordination COP, CH:10, S74
Guidance for the use of section 74 charges for unreasonable 
prolonged occupation of the highway. Including notes on the new April 2009 Regulations for England and June 2009 for Wales, as per links below


Published: 06 April 2009


Technical Specification for EToN 5.1
This document provides an updated version of the technical specification for a new Electronic Transfer of Notices System, It replaces previous versions.

Published: 10 December 2008


COP for Coordination
Revised 3rd edition of COP for the co-ordination of Streetworks and works for road purposes and related matters

Published: March 2008


Amendment to Streetwork Inspection Fees
The attached details the breakdown of the new inspection fees

Published: 01 April 2009


COP for Permits
This COP provides guidance intended to help a common approach to the operation of a permit scheme

Published: 01 April 2008