TMA Performance Indicators (T.P.I’s)

TMA Performance Indicators (T.P.I’s) - Graph


We design TMA Performance Indicators, so that as a Works / Activity Promoter or a Street / Permit Authority, you can confirm that all of your administrators / Work Promoters are complying to legislation, as a Street Authority it is imperative to confirm Work Promoter compliance trends and therefore comply to the Joint Authority Group (JAG) advice guide, by working with Work Promoters to advise them where improvements are required.


Who would benefit from using these documents?

All Works / Activity Promoters and Street / Permit Authorities.


Document Cost’s

This is dependant on the amount of TMA Performance Indicators required to be generated and whether you wish for us to undertake the audit to identify the compliance trends or you wish for us to train your own staff to achieve this, for more information please contact us to discuss in more detail. For more details please contact us for a quote.