EToN OPS Support Contract

Traffic Management Act

Managing congestion is one of Authorities main responsibilities under the Traffic Management Act, which received Royal Assent on 22 July 2004. Part 2 of the Act came into force in January 2005 and placed a new network management duty on all Local Traffic Authorities in England and Wales of which states:

“It is the duty of a Local Transport Authority to manage their road network with a view to achieving, so far as may be reasonably practicable having regard to their other obligations, policies and objectives, the following objective:

securing the expeditious movement of traffic on the authority’s road network; and

facilitating the expeditious movement of traffic on road networks for which another authority is the traffic authority.


Target - EToN

To achieve the target set out within the act, the Street Authority has to maintain an upto date and accurate streetwork register, that covers all planned, inprogress, completed and registered works within its network, of which if correct, will help with coordination of works and thus minimise disruption of the road network.


To achieve full coordination through out the Authority’s network it is imperative that the Authority complies to their network management duty, part of which covers parity and therefore, there is a duty placed upon the Highway Maintenance department to submit notifications in the same manner of all other Work Promoters.

In reality the Highway Manintenance department should set a bench mark for all other Work Promoters to follow.

There is a huge risk of an audit being undertaken by the department of transport and the possibility of the intervention criteria being placed upon the authority.

Also the Street Authority should not issue Fixed Penalty Notices unless their Highway Maintenance Departments are serving notices.

There is also a risk of being left open to insurance claims, due to not being able to confirm when the work was completed and the risk removed.

There is also a requirement to protect the Authorities asset.

What is the cost?

We believe that we have come up with a cost effective solution of which equates to £1.00 for every notice that we serve, for instance:

For a minor or standard works on average 3 to 4 notices are served = £3.00 to £4.00.

For immediate works on average 2 to 3 notices are served = £2.00 to £3.00.

For major works on average 4 to 5 notices are served = £4.00 to £5.00

The above costs are dependant on if the work is completed within the planned timescale and not extended or cancelled.

All costs exclude vat.

What is the contract duration?

We will set up all process flow diagrams free of charge, if a minimum two year contract is agreed.

If the contract is for less than two years, the process flow diagrams will be at an extra charge.

All payments are one calendar month in arrears.

For more information please contact us.