Permitting / EToN Workflow Procedures

Permitting / EToN Workflow Procedures

We have designed a full set of Permit legislation process flow charts procedure documents, of which cover EToN Specification, Specification of Reinstatement of Highways, Inspection Code of Practice and the Coordination of Streetworks, all of which have links to these codes of practice and specifications, we have found that since the introduction of this solution, that Street Authorities and Activity Promoters have increased their level of understanding, due to the complexities of the Traffic Management Act and Permit code of practice.

Who would benefit from using these documents?

All personnel involved in planning, coordinating, serving and receiving all permit types and activity categories. They are also used to clarify any potential FPN’s and S74 charges for unreasonably prolonged occupation of the highway.

Document Cost’s

To discuss the cost of these documents please contact us, as the cost varies dependant on the size of your organisation.