EToN System Training

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We supply EToN system training on Exor, Mayrise, Confirm and Symology systems, all designed to follow EToN specification rules. The training is designed, so that either current or new system users have a clearer understanding of how to use all of the systems tools correctly, this will ultimately reduce financial implications and increase company profiles.


 Work / Activity Promoter Training for Utilities & Highway Authorities

The training for a works/activity promoter administrator to submit all notice/permit types and works categories in a timely, legislative correct and accurate manner.


Street Authority / Permitting Authority Training

The training for a Street/Permit Authority coordinator is designed, so that all notifications/permits received are reviewed correctly and where required challenges implemented.


Who should attend this course?

All EToN system Users.


Course Cost’s

The costs of these courses are based on a maximum of 4 candidates / day at a rate of £500.00 + VAT.


 We also supply upto date and easy to follow EToN system user guides

Each user guide cost’s £750.00 + VAT, although if purchased with the above course the cost is reduced to £500.00 + VAT.